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Sometimes funky, Japanese-influenced electronic dance metal ready to slaughter your eardrums with shiny guitar riffs, wailin' vocals, and catchy-ass "Yukibeats"!

"Love love para headbang high energy explosion rhythm!!!"

Yuki Yuki Yasumi's newest exciting project "Tsundere" ventures into the realm of soul, do-wop, and death metal, and features lyrics about really scary women and Japanese maids (who also happen to be really scary women). This album is exclusively available here on BandCamp!
Our music is a mix of metal, punk, dance, industrial, shoegaze, and hip-hop.
Our songs feature lyrics in both English and Japanese, often influenced by anime, video games, and Japanese girls in fetish oriented cosplay.

This new genre, Yuki Beat, comes at you fast and fully amped.
Composer/front man Miyuki "Yuki" Yuketsu tears down the walls of dance and electronic music with his complex leads, rhythms, and synthesizers while singing, rapping, and screaming in both English and Japanese.
Virtuoso guitarist "Jack Trademan" provides energetic heavy metal guitar rhythms and solos.

There's guitar shredding, there's soft ballads, there's singing and there's screaming.
Mix that with lots of programmed synthesizers playing 32nd note arpeggios and quirky drum machines and...

Wait, just go listen to it...

When you see us live, Yuki's usually in a dress of some sort and Jack wears steampunk cowboy gear. We also have a ninja drummer who claims the moniker "Rubik Framboise". It is difficult to understand how we came to know this because he doesn't speak.

Miyuki Jack Rubik

"We dance around and make silly faces.
We are here to entertain you, dammit."

"Red Label", our 2012 6-track acoustic EP, is available on our Bandcamp site.
It features new versions of some classics and some brand new songs!
The 2013 MSX Chiptune Remix album, "Devoured By 8-Bit Schoolgirls", is also available on Bandcamp!
Our free 2013 "3x3 Sampler" is available here! Check it out!

YYY is currently hard at work on a number of follow up albums: the venerable and vulgar third album "Yandere", a "Tsundere" spin-off EP, an epic EP "Persona", and "Blue Label" (acoustic EP volume 2) are all under way.

New shows will be posted, so stay tuned! Y3, baby!!!
Contact the members: miyuki@yukiyukiyasumi.com, jack@yukiyukiyasumi.com, and rubik@yukiyukiyasumi.com
For booking inquiries, contact us: booking@yukiyukiyasumi.com

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