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YYY is currently hard at work on a number of follow up releases: the vibrant, venerable, and vulgar third album "Yandere" (currently in the mixing stage!), spin-off EPs for all albums, an epic EP "Persona", and "Blue Label" (acoustic EP volume 2) are all under way...

Full Length Albums / Long Plays (LP):

Tsundere - 2014

Devoured By Japanese Schoolgirls - 2009
Yuki Yuki Yasumi's exciting sophomore effort "Tsundere" ventures into the realm of soul, do-wop, and death metal, and features lyrics about really scary women and Japanese maids (who also happen to be really scary women).

18 Action-Packed Chippy-metal Tracks!!!

This album is exclusively available here on BandCamp!
Yuki Yuki Yasumi's debut album Devoured By Japanese Schoolgirls is a supersonic train wreck of quirky pop meets industrial metal.

Set the night on fire with the heavy, yet soulful and rhythmic "Kotoba" and move your feet to the Eurodance influenced "Stop My Heart."

Bang your head to the progressive punk rock tittle track, "Devoured By Japanese Schoolgirls," and "trip out" to the mysterious remix of it towards end of the album.

Stocked with songs galore. No joke, 22 songs and over 70 minutes for the best value you can get!

Now is the time to ask yourself: are YOU ready to get Devoured By Japanese Schoolgirls?

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Live Albums:

FREE Live 2010 Album

It's full band craziness, and it's FREE!


FREE EP - 2015

Worth the price of admission!

Devoured By 8-Bit Schoolgirls - 2013

Features eighteen MSX Chiptune remixes!

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Acoustic Extended Plays (EPs):

Red Label - 2012

Features six new acoustic recordings. Featuring songs from over the years, as well as ones that will be on future albums!

Download includes full lyrics, lyrics desktop background, plus high quality images of the disc and liner notes.

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